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Rather than working on procedural dungeon generation like I planned, I ended up making my first original enemy today. At first I tried to draw by hand, but that didn’t end up looking too good. Art, it turns out, is pretty damn hard.


I have a degree in math, not art.

Giving up on that, I took a fan made model from blender and used it to make a series of frames that would be used in my game. Controlling the camera and the body pieces wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be and in the process I discovered the proper way to lock the camera to an object so that I can ‘photograph’ something from 8 sides(create an empty object that the camera will point at, lock the camera to that object, the camera will rotate around the object). Note: only projectiles will have 8 sides since they need to have them. Enemies will always be looking at you and will always be mad. Is this a mistake? Should the game include a stealth element? I’ve been reading a lot about pacing and about negative space in game design and there may need to be something other than running and gunning. There is one element that’s going to help in that regard and that’s inventory management. You’re only going to have 10 slots for things so that’s going to require a little bit of thought. (Maybe I should add more than 10 guns!)

Actually, there’s going to be a space between levels in which you can level up your weapons or your character using the points you’ve received. Kind of like dark souls, actually, though I also want to make the decision a little deeper by including interest on points earned like you see in some tower defense games. Through those two mechanics, the player should get enough of a break every once in a while.

In addition to adding the creeper to the game, I did some more work on projectiles, making them actually deal damage to enemies and the player if they’re hit. Now I just need to make sure that when you fire a missile, it doesn’t automatically detect a target in explosion distance (you) and detonate…


This screenshot is so motivating, it hurts.

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